North Carolina Republican Leader Says He’s Open to New Election in Disputed District

North Carolina Republican Leader Says He’s Open to New Election in Disputed District

“We’re all in a close touch on that because this is bigger than that one seat, this is about undermining the integrity of our elections,” Ms. Pelosi said. “And what was done there is so remarkable, that person — those entities got away with that, even to the detriment of the Republicans in the primary.”

Other congressional Democrats, including Representative David E. Price, the dean of the North Carolina delegation, have called for an emergency hearing into the allegations.

Mr. Price, whose district includes parts of Raleigh, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that he supported a hearing in Washington and that, amid the election board’s inquiry, “We must consider all remedies, up to and including a special election to ensure the voter’s voices are accurately heard.”

Mr. Woodhouse’s statements on Thursday appeared to reflect both the political realities on Capitol Hill and the mounting worries of North Carolina Republicans, who have spent years crusading against fraud and now see one of their candidates as a potential beneficiary.

Until Thursday, Republicans had been publicly adamant that the state elections board immediately certify Mr. Harris’s victory. But Mr. Woodhouse said that an accumulation of media reports had concerned him.

“We are as horrified as anybody about the news reports we’ve seen,” Mr. Woodhouse said. “We were horrified at the prospect, just the allegation that anybody’s vote was intercepted and manipulated.”

A CNN segment, he said, had led him to vomit on Wednesday night.

Mr. Woodhouse was careful to say Thursday that the party was not abandoning Mr. Harris’s candidacy, and he expressed confidence in Mr. Harris’s character. And other Republican officials argued that Mr. Woodhouse, who repeatedly said in an interview that he was open to a new election if fraud may have tainted the outcome, did not support a new round of voting.

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